• The interesting thing about films coming from one country or an entire continent is that the bad films have always looked the same with each other. My previous review was on a Finnish rock band movie that takes place in 1977 that nobody ever heard of and never will. I thought it was a good film at first but I found myself often falling asleep on several scenes, which proved the entire film pointless and it's only a quick grab of cash. However, I watched this in a airplane flight so it wasn't a quick grab of cash but I still didn't find myself even loving it to that certain degree. The movie before that however, was "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy" which often got me bouncing around on the debate that the movie deserves a good or bad rating.

    Movies are often difficult to review for a beginner level critic who has no experience and says stuff at the top of their heads. I don't watch movies twice often, I don't watch bad movies since I still am afraid to even watch them, and I don't like watching American or European movies as often compared to Asian films and that's a big bias I have with movie watching. It's not a great thing, it's kind of an addiction to be watching the same emotional drama with the same emotional twist at the end. It's predictable when you only like watching films from a certain country or continent. I am trying my best to goddamn have the mood to watch European and American dramas more.

    "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy" is a film that I would definitely consider an average. With it's obviously made out 1950s Hong Kong film set, people challenging the main character to a fight, the same shot to show the little kid get punched in the eye since the third Ip Man movie which I don't consider that good to bring back memories to a scene that is exactly the same as this. There are many things that I've seen from the Ip Man Trilogy that appear in this movie, making this no different than other films. The Ip Man Series has definitely become a monster itself, being forced by the audience to make spinoffs that could've been considered Ip Man 4 if it didn't have a different actor as the main character. The Ip Man Series was wonderfully fun and emotional at times to watch before gaining it's big critical success with Ip Man 3. To be honest, I first found about this franchise when the third installment came out on Blu-Ray. So I must admit, I did watch it when it was an all time high. But, this film is one you can obviously tell that the company itself just wanted to make for a quick cash. A film that earns the same quality as a Nikkatsu film 50 years ago in Japan. (Quite forgettable)

    Now I might get dissed here and there for my trash talk but please respect it because it's my opinion and this review should be in no way, taken as a fact but rather a way of viewing this film in my light. The movie still holds the fun action scenes and beautiful cinematography with the neon lights which I never seen in any other Ip Man film.

    With the fun visuals, "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy" is a fun joyride if you don't care about watching literally the same Ip Man movie that you've seen years ago. After the third movie, I got tired with watching the same stuff from the Ip Man Franchise. If they do literally the same formula and the same clichés and same parts like Ip Man is a nice guy, gang wants to fight Ip Man, the opponent is a mean person, and someone dies in the movie, I will NOT go easy on Ip Man 4 since I'm starting to get real bored with watching the same films. Audiences love this movie and I did. But, in a critic's view, you can't let the same movie pass by with a good rating all the times.