• Warning: Spoilers
    Raymond Reddington run the hole series, some good characters and a okay story. The thing ruining the show, is that a couple of the lead roles and FBI agents are very emotionally unstable and very unfit to be FBI agents. Elizabeth Keen is especially unstable, terrible as a profiler, childish, selfish and always act and talk (in her own interests) without ever thinking, and somebody always saves her, mostly Red ... again and again and again ... Is she 30 or 13. Liz "I promised myself I' was not gonna cry ... Boohoo". I can understand Ressler, he is sort of obligatory, "agent brake down", who would be fired. But Elizabeth Keen is just broken and bad writing, always drama never thinking, she keeps messing things up and makes others clean up after her.

    I would probably have given The Blacklist 8 stars. If it had not been for that soap opera character, that most series and movies for some sad reason, almost always have today.

    The best episodes is the ones when Liz is "dead" (like we would ever be that lucky) because her constant drama and misplaced anger is gone, and the characters actually act like adults and not a bunch of nanny's for her, maybe a little like a bunch of revengeful nanny's.

    If James Spader is going to write another show, I suggest he does not write his horrible daughter in it, no matter how much she whines. I don't know if he has a daughter, but I can only assume the character is a big F you to her, like "this is how you act, you disgusting person". The rest of the show i not bad.