• I can't really fairly review this movie because I pulled it off the internet and the home-made subtitles were often incomprehensible. But I can say that the trailer that inspired me to hunt this down was a lie. This is a two-hour movie with maybe 25 minutes of fighting and explosions, and the trailer made it look like a John Woo movie.

    Instead, this is a rather slow-moving drama about extraterrestrials on earth to prepare an invasion. The most interesting idea in the film is that these aliens can only understand human concepts, like love or ownership, by absorbing them. Doing so removes that concept from the human, in some cases leaving them angry or confused but other times giving them a revelatory happiness.

    I might have liked this movie more with better subtitles - certainly I would have been clearer on the fine points - but I would have rather watched the movie the trailer had promised me than the one I got.