• Warning: Spoilers
    Not a fast-moving film and not truly supernatural, yet gripping in its way. If you have ever had your heart broken, this film will resonate, and perhaps even help a bit.

    It's about love, loss, grief, forgiveness, and finally acceptance. Acceptance of the loss, and forgiveness of self.

    All the performances are beautiful and spot on. The direction is patient and takes you deeply into the story. The cinematography is like one of the performances. The musical score is evocative and serves the film well.

    As a fan of movie and TV scores, I must note two things. First, while I can find no actual relationship in musical pedigree, the score evokes "Meet Joe Black", which in a way brings forth similar emotions. My second musical observation is the use of "The Skye Boat Song", used now as the main theme of "Outlander (2014- )".

    I also must note the character of Silvie's dad, Maurie Lewis. He doesn't have a lot of screen time, but he's still central to the arc of life, love and forgiveness. His implied and generous forgiveness of young Sam as having any responsibility for Silvie's fate certainly must play a huge role in Sam's forgiveness of himself, though it takes another 20 years.

    I gave the film an 8 mainly because it plants questions that are never answered. What is the significance of old Mrs. Shaw, her dreams and her sleep signing, aside from the later callback? Whose grave did adult Sam place a stone upon since its implied that it could not be Silvie's and clearly was not his dad's? Was Silvie's fate accidental or somehow intentional?

    These unanswered questions are not trivial, but the heart of this story still leaves one affected and introspective.

    If it's your kind of movie, it accomplishes what it sets out to do.