• As soon as I finished this film, I knew it would be a go to Halloween film for me.

    As a rule, I am not overly fond of the horror genre. When people ask which horror movies I like, I usually answer, 'All of the good ones.' Typically horror seems to care very little for story or true dread and fear and opts instead for cheap jump scares driven by loud music cues and gruesome obsession over violence for violence sake. While I find gruesome effects to be interesting from a how-did-they-do-that perspective, it isn't something that can make a film for me, if that is its only significant trait.

    This horror film wins me over in a way few other horror films have been able to manage. It won me over with its sense of whimsy and fun.

    This is not horror film like most others. You don't walk away feeling dirty and and gross. You finish up feeling like you were just hanging on to a bumper car that went out of the rink and ran through a fun house. Its an experience that puts you through a range of emotions rather than just striking one single note the whole time.