• According to the resymee and reviews id read. its a story about a little girl, and daisy winters is her name, she lives with her mum, and hates her mums sister, because she is her aunt. daisy has a very grown up picture of the world and everything else, her wishes are few but wholeheartedly sincere, and as the film asses by we learn to know why.she has a few friends at school, but she seem like an overly lonely child, that cares and breaths for her mothers care and friendship. in many ways daisy is a very grown up girl in a very grown up world, and this world becomes , all of a sudden extremely threatening , one day. to find out why,you better watch the film, because its a beautiful film with a beautiful sole and spirit, it has a great score, the cast is at times marvellous and the hopes and wishes , makes you feel so much sympathy and empathy for this girl

    this is a so near perfect film with twists and turns you may not expect at all from an 11 year old girl, so why do i give it a nine'r. well the director hasnt been able to develop the characters and the story good enough, and the lack of time seems to be one reason for that.cause time is money in the filmbusiness, and the lack of repetitive takes are unveiled from time to time, so the editors total of material to clip and glue together are at times a bit primitive and artifiscial, believe me its not a huge error, just a feinsmæckers view.

    the grumpy old man felt the whole spectre of emotions when viewing this flick, its a heartbreaker at many levels, and definately a winner that shouldve had a chapter on wikipedia, but everytime ive tried to add something there it has been cronically been deleted as nonsense. i can not recommend this high enough. its for all ages and all genders