• Warning: Spoilers
    The plot is read and then built in flashbacks. This is not recommended unless you have a really great cast, plot, and special effects. I can understand "the hate." This feature appears to be the first in a series, which shouldn't be too bad because everyone is introduced.

    The year is 2549 and the world is in a manmade ice age that started in 2045. In 2019 pharmaceutical company HEZUO was experimenting with creating a creature for the military that could be programmed to target an individual or group of individuals based on their DNA. Can only guess why the 2019 administration would want that. The odd thing is that they are collaborating with China and Moscow. (Now we know what Trump was talking to Putin about at Helsinki.)

    The creature develops intellect and eventually escapes and takes over a human body as a host. They are called "Konglings." The government attempted to kill them with a satellite light beam (after a failed vaccine attempt) that won't harm humans but will kill the Konglings. This light beam caused a world ice age...a little sketchy on those details.

    The characters we get to know are a group of Konglings attempting to survive, hence the creatures wanting to kill and replace mankind are the protagonists. Each one has its own special "gift." They have to fight off the military, mutant bats, the elements, look for food and each other. As it turns out the Konglings are not are united either and after 500 years has formed cults that are at odds.

    The series has the potential to be interesting with some decent soundtrack and editing. In one scene they go into a bay. They are looking for emergency power. The camera pans to the ceiling where we see a number of large lights that are turned on. He reports "No sign of power and electricity." It appears the folks doing the editing have no idea what the scene is about. This type of Ed Wood nonsense kills a film. Take it back, Edit it. Get some decent swagger music.

    Guide: No F-words. Brief nudity. Male butts and blurred breasts. And they all sleep together nude or near nude. What was that?