• I waited to write my review after a few episodes as the first one took a second viewing! Four episodes in and I can say it's a gem! Excellent cast! Rob Lowe was his usual charming self, Bronwyn James a real stand out and newcomer Aloreia Spencer was stellar!

    Is it perfect? No. Of course not. Is it accurate? No. But so as many other incredible programs out there. What's wonderful about the show is precisely its criticism. It doesn't fit a specific genre! I find that that's what makes it great! I think the way it sways between drama and comedy gives it the charm so many other shows lack. It is light entertainment that is relatable and perfectly mirrors the mundanity of life. The underlying themes; overcoming grief in the father-daughter relationship, workplace politics, geopolitical and social issues are all there however subtle. I think we need more shows like this!! I'm giving it 10 stars to make up for the silly criticisms it got early on!