• First Farcry 5 is the best graphics game to date- bar none. A weapon is a Weapon in farcry 3 -4-5. Not in New dawn, this is where they ruined the game. Now they thought it would be a good idea to have weapon leveling= FACE FRIGGEN PALM,

    There is no such thing! Only in comic book games.

    So there is 3 levels of pistols Of the same caliber, Shot guns, ........ SO the game went from rather serious in 3-4-5 , to Just WTF in new dawn.

    With that being said , the game is not bad once you understand there is enemys with plastic Motocross armour that will stop a bullet even a 50 Cal sniper round!

    AGAIN what idiot thought this would be good in such a loved series?

    It could have been much better, requiring you to use Melee take downs more and where do they get all this AMMO= FACEPALM!