• Warning: Spoilers
    There is nothing quite like Legion. It's the strangest, barmiest concoction on TV. I absolutely love it! Taking a Marvel X Men antihero and turning him into the craziest "super" ever, is no mean feat and David Haller aka "Legion" is brilliantly brought to life by Brit actor, Dan Stevens. This show takes the X Men idea and blows it out of the water. Fantastic, trippy visuals, music and dance, comedy, violence and much, much more to feast the eyes and brain on. First season was terrific and the writing a real cut above for Marvel fare. All the actors are fantastic, especially Stevens and Aubrey Plaza. The second season was even stranger than the first and took me places I'd never been to in any TV show. It was really weird in a good way. The third season is building to be the best of the lot with a more linear storyline, Legion's origin story as the son of Charles Xavier himself and more stunning visuals and mind bending imaginary scenarios. This show is truly great and will be remembered long into the future as one of the best series ever. Totally weird, totally different and a reminder of what writers can do when they think outside the box!