• Warning: Spoilers
    Mike has an incredibly boring job - he works in a restaurant. (One of the things I learned from this film is, do NOT tell restaurant staff it's your birthday. Several times a day they have to pretend to be happy while singing happy birthday to the customers, while inside, they hate it.) Mike gets into a graphic novel, yes a comic, about a little known superhero called Captain Black. He decides to do a bit of cosplay, beginning with rescuing a cat from a tree. The neighbours are unimpressed. He improves his getup and goes to a Halloween fancy dress party, and across the room spots a woman dressed as Captain Black's female sidekick. It's immediate 'basic instinct'. Unfortunately for Mike, he goes along with what comes next, no questions asked, until reality sets in. And then his life falls apart. This wasn't the movie I expected to see. I'm not sure what exactly I expected but it wasn't this. However, I was impressed by this film. Good acting, good direction, all too plausible.