• Both Karthik and Bhanupriya are almost the same age. Both have had rich innings in Tamil and Telugu films .Both play their roles with ease. Its nice to watch seasoned actors together . Bhanu is one of the last of Telugu girls to shine in South Indian movies before vulgarity set in . Here she looks equally nice in modern dresses .She is credited with popularising the French braid . Her voice has always sounded school girlish . I wonder why . Karthik is happy go lucky CID officer incognito. Bhanu does not like police officers so he lies about his profession and takes her house on rent . The house itself is pretty with nice interiors and marble flooring .His boss tells him that Bhanu is accused of killing her own brother .Karthik does not belive him and slowly starts investigating . A fine gripping thriller . Bhanu is a great kuchipudi dancer and her too she dances in one song . Most of her movies contained at least one of her traditional dances. Karthik is a joy to watch prancing around Bhanu trying to win her confidence . Nice movie with nice locales, dresses , light comedy , story and duets . Makes a good one time watch .