• Before I watched this animation, I've read some of the reviews on IMDB. Some of them saying that this animation is kind of fun. After I've watched, I agree with them. This animation is indeed full of fun. Although it's not quite possible that a cat can solve the case, it's really fun to watch.

    The plot is really simple, but maybe because the directing is good, it turned out to be somehow good. I love detective stories, so, I kept watching it. And I've discovered that it's interesting and exciting in some way. Even though the animation is not from Disney, it's still OK. But I don't like Marnie's voice artist. The sound is too sharp and tiny. The other voice artists are doing fine. So, if they have chosen the other voice artist for Marnie character, it'd be better.

    Conclusion is that although the animation really needs to improve, the animation is really full of fun and good to watch. Hence, I've totally enjoyed every second of it.