• Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is pushing some weird point of view, it was not made to entertain. Ok, spoilers, dont read below if you want to see this nonsense.

    Guy who is not into comic books finds one, repeats dumb phrase main char from comic says, which is utter nonsense ("Be your own friend", yeah, because apparently nobody else wants to be your friend), dresses up like that char for a party, bangs a 17 year old dressed like that comic chars sidekick. Then it just gets downhill from there. Ends with him most likely going to prison for dumbest things I've ever seen in any movie.

    Friendly advice: If you banged some chick at a party, and you find out she was 17, dont go talk to her when she is with her parents in restaurant you work at. And if someone is in abusive relationship, and they stay in it, you beating up person is never going to make things better, just land you in prison. Stay out of other peoples business ...

    I guess film is what white knights dream they do, I dont know, it was just plain dumb film I could have been fine without ever hearing about.

    If you want to see what a really solid take on a man whose life breaks down looks like watch Falling Down instead. At least that film had a decent point to it. This one does not.