• Little is known about this series, The McDougall Kids. It was a knock off of Hal Roach's Our Gang comedies produced by J.R. Bray Studios and directed by Harry L. Fraser. Among the case of the McDougall Kids, were some child actors who appeared in the Our Gang series but needed more work. Perry Murdock plays a character named Luke Warm. Cleone Deaver plays a young woman, this is her only film. Louise Carver (the old pro in this film appeared in 162 titles) a popular character actress of the day appears as The Gypsy.

    Heading one of the first American animation studios, J.R. Bray had already branched into live action in 1917, when he took over the "Pictographs" film magazine, combining travelogues and educational material with his cartoons. In 1926 he launched several two-reel comedy series, traveling to Hollywood to make a distribution deal with Joseph P. Kennedy's Film Booking Office of America. For the McDougall Alley Kids he secured veteran comedy producer Joe Rock, who'd recently completed a series starring Stan Laurel.

    However a review from an industry paper said, "Steer clear of this if you are trying to run a decent house. The "Comedian," Lord preserve us, pulls a stunt which would have been to raw even in the lowest of the low variety dives fifty years ago.