• So very bad in so many ways. This film has some really good actors playing really bad roles to collect really big checks. The score would stand as a "career worst" for Burt Bacharat for many years.

    The seemingly unlimited number of subplots (gold / greed, self fulfillment, spiritual cleansing, communal living, good vs evil, immortality, outlining one's past, etc.) help to hide any overall theme.

    The wardrobes, bad scripts, bad music, and cultural insults anchor this film firmly in the 1970s, as it is truly a polyester leisure suit of movies.

    I was glad to see TCM had the courage to air this, as I would have lived unaware of this rotten tomato. I cannot understand why they gave it 2.5 stars. This is one of the movies I have seen on that network that deserved one (or fewer) stars.