• This series was originally broadcast on a network I didn't have access to so I never watched any episodes until now. Because it always pops up on lists of "best ever" shows I got the DVDs of season #1 from my public library.

    No question, James Gandolfini, who was in his 30s when the series began, manufactured an iconic character in Tony Soprano. The show has a number of other really fine actors but he makes it work, it would be hard to imagine anyone else in the role. It was sad when he died very young in 2013.

    After watching some of the episodes I can see why it is regarded so highly. But for me, after so many years of seeing real crime and violence in the news constantly, I simply choose to quit watching movies and TV shows with fictional crime as a theme. I just don't find it satisfying so I didn't finish season #1 but I am glad I found out what "The Sopranos" is all about.

    For those who enjoy shows like this it would be hard to beat "The Sopranos."