• A Smith called Pete narrates (a trifle stiffly) this short subject about the Flying Codonas, a fourth-generation trapeze act. It's shot interestingly, with the camera sometimes placed over the the act, and slow-motion views of men and girl in tights, showing off the difficult evolutions, including the almost impossible triple somersault. As Pete says, a nice way to earn a living; almost as good, I imagine, as making snarky comments on the act.

    This movie holds a place in the history books for having lost the Oscar for Best Novelty Short. Originally, it was declared the winner, but when Mack Sennett learned his short about fishing for marlin had lost by less than three votes, he protested this was against Academy rules. Another vote was taken, and Sennett was declared the winner. Smith would not win the award until his color short, PENNY WISDOM.