• 26 September 2019
    B 90
    Modest though sympathetic B series film of science fiction-action and martial arts, made to greater glory of the then fashionable Billy Blanks.

    Blanks is an expert in karate discipline in which he was crowned champion, in addition to mastering other styles such as Full Contact or Taekwondo.

    But Blanks would become really famous at the end of the eighties thanks to a series of aerobic videos where he showed his personal style known as Tae Bo, a fusion between Taekwondo and boxing and that were sold by millions making him a sport and exercise guru .

    In this film he surrounds himself with other acquaintances of the B series of the nineties like Bolo Yeung, and the German Mattias Hues as well as the beauty Boobie Philips.

    The film is very modest in the media, the performances are poor, to the reluctant direction and its script has hardly any originality but it benefits from that extravagant and casual touch that has its atmosphere and continuous action but it becomes somewhat boring and missing of interest.

    for nostalgic nineties and fans of the B series