• If you're looking for a show about morally bereft rich pieces of cardboard, each believing themselves more socially and morally mature than the last, regardless of what little evidence exists to support their belief, then this is it. I came here for Addison after I fell in love with her on Grey's Anatomy and I was excited to see how she'd bloom outside of Derek, Mark and Meredith. I was also hoping to know Amelia's back story because she is one of my favourite GA characters ever.

    One season in and I was here solely for Violet and Cooper. By the second season I resigned to googling Amelia's story and settled for that, because my brain was so asleep, I couldn't torture myself any further. They all have teenage libidos with infantile moral compasses, and it's clear Addison especially, will sleep with anything with a pulse, then of course fall deeply in love with them she just can't picture her life without them. Then repeat the cycle every four weeks. I don't know how this made it through five years, and I don't understand how it's a spinoff of GA.