• Warning: Spoilers
    I'm slowly starting to like the New 52 version of Wonder Woman. I'm glad they ended her relationship with Superman and placed Superman in a relationship with Lois Lois starting in Death of Superman along with now placing Batman into a relationship with Catwoman like in Batman: Hush or Gotham by Gastlight (which I don't think is apart of the New 52 DC universe). But I'm slowly growing on her character which has become more likable to me even though the early 2000s Justice series and animated version of Wonder Woman voiced by Susan Eisenberg is always going to be my favorite animated version of Diana Prince while the 1970s Wonder Woman played by Linda Carter will always be my favorite live action version of her. In this version, Steve Trevor finally gets to be Wonder Woman's love interest again so I hope the writers keeps exploring their relationship.

    Well, in this version, Bloodlines digs a little deeper into Wonder Woman's origins in the mystical feminist island of Themsyrica and how Diana learns to adapt to modern day society with the help of an archeologist named Julie and her teenaged daughter Vanessa ( I think that's what the daughter's name was), who becomes a surrogate family for Diana. Over the years, Vanessa grows jealous of her mother's favoritism towards Diana and when her mother is unexpectedly killed years later, Vanessa blames Diana and joins the bad gals to get her revenge against Diana allows the villains to turn her into a dangerous assassin, Silver Swan. Diana goes on a quest with the help of Steve Trevor and his assistant Etta Candy to save Silver Swan before it's too late.

    I liked the romance between Steve and Diana and the small reference to her brief relationship with Superman. I hope the writers give them a chance, because this movie and her relationship with Steve humanizes Diana. When she was first introduced in 2014's Justice League: War, she was kind of obnoxious, headstrong, and godlike. It only grew worse as the movies continued. This movie showed Diana's vulnerable side which was as equally compelling as her stronger side. And even when she's in over her head and the odds are against her, she never gave up. I hate her New 52 outfit and when her hair was in the ponytail, but I have gotten used to it. But besides the action scenes, my favorite moments was when she wore her original costume. The voice queen herself Cree Summers graced us by voicing Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons and Diana's mother. In one scene, Hippolyta got her moment to shine and showed us why she was leader. And of course, Rosario Dawson did a wonderful job voicing Diana. My only gripe with the movie was the character of Etta Candy. I'm cool with them changing her character from white to black. She's a side character so her race is irrelevant to the plot. But I'm getting annoyed with liberal movies and TV shows making every black side character both black and LGBT. It's happening so often in so many shows and movies, it's becoming it's own stereotype. Etta Candy is a likable character but it seemed like she was kind of forced into the plot and action and was better off as a background character assisting from behind the scenes like Oracle from the Batman universe or Felicity in the earlier seasons of CW's Arrow. Her character wasn't necessary and only used as unneeded comic relief. Come to think about it, in every version of Etta, she's pretty much the same. She's the Jimmy Olsen of the Wonder Woman universe.

    But overall, I liked the movie. I'm enjoying the new 52 universe and the continuity of the movies. Superman has a healthy relationship with Lois Lane. Batman has a son named Damian Wayne, Nightwing, the rest of the Batman superhero gang, and an off again on again relationship with Catwoman. Now, Wonder Woman has a potential healthy relationship with Steve Trevor. So hopefully, he doesn't get sideline by Batman and Superman again. The last time I saw Diana have somewhat of a healthy relationship with Steve was over forty years ago on the 1970s Wonder Woman TV show played by Lyle Waggoner. Yet, even then, he had the hots for Wonder Woman but never found out her secret identity as his secretary Diana Prince. Otherwise, he was killed off and replaced by his son in the 1970s, blown up sacrificing himself in World War I, being sidelined by a billionaire playboy costumed vigilante with psychological issues then by an immortal sun god from another planet, a World War II vet in a nursing home, or dead. I understand Diana is an immortal princess, but it would be nice to see a romance between Diana and Steve and I also like in this version that he knows Diana is Wonder Woman.

    Anyway, pretty good movie which humanizes the immortal goddess and gives her a love interest with Steve Trevor. We get see Diana get her Death of Superman moment and the final battle was pretty good. Some of the plot is a little weak but it's balanced out by character driven storyline. Overall, I enjoyed it and look forward to the continuation of Wonder Woman's storyline. Loved the direction the writers are taking these movies. Looking forward the next one.