• Warning: Spoilers
    The live action Wonder Woman and the 2009 animated film were both wonderful, this was a major let down by comparison.

    First off re-telling her origin and how she decided to come to the world of man, felt very unnecessary given how recently that story was last told.

    What sprung her into action was Darkseid's parademons, but that part of the story was completely glossed over and seemed like she was schooled for a substantial length of time before ever taking on the mantle of hero. Highly out of character for Diana, she is a warrior and woman of action it's hard to think of her willingly going to the sideline like that for so long.

    While having self doubts isn't out of character for Wonder Woman, having such prominent levels of self doubt clearly visible at the surface level for like 2 decades, just seems absurd for the character. Wonder Woman living in the same house as a young impressionable girl and not being able to make a strong bond seems really strange as well, just felt like contrived drama for the purpose of story-telling.

    The animation quality also took a noticeable nose dive from other DC animated films with multiple portions of animation looking clunky and more in line with weekend cartoon animation than an animated movie, at other times it was better, but this served to make the weaker portions more noticeable.

    A lot of villains in the movie at six, but they were basically recycling them Silver Swan at her initial level was a lot like Cheetah, Giganta and Medusa at her second level had obvious parallels, and Dr. Poison and Dr. Cyber were brainy bossy types who didn't get their hands dirty. A stronger story with less villains generally makes a more compelling narrative.

    Then lastly woke culture did find a way to sneak into the movie, they made Steve Trevor a lot weaker and more incompetent than needed to try and make Wonder Woman shine brighter by comparison. If you need to degrade the men around a woman to make them heroic it's probably a clear sign of bad directing and bad story telling. What initially attracted Wonder Woman to Steve Trevor was he was a capable warrior and very brave, there will be times he needs help like a damsel in distress, but it shouldn't just be perpetually happening. Then for woke culture purposes they threw in a token minority, who was also overweight, and a lesbian just to check all the token woke culture boxes.