• Craig Sheffer was a promising actor since "A River Runs Through it" probably his best work ever, something happened in his career, this picture starts well, point out a creative sequence on the lake, Virginia Madsen as Lisa was like an angel floating on clear waters, really an astonishing scene, Sheffer as Joe a young inmate who serve a small sentence of Prison camp, maybe by little mistakes at his age, John "Thin"Polito was the Boss of the camp, which ruled by heavy hands, a cruel mad dog, insane and bloodthirsty, they falling in love, too sugary to my taste, Joe escape at night to meet her at Cemetery, the Boss track down and finds them, even in prison he escapes to unknown place, at last the movie reach the highest point, a breathtaking landscape provides a perfect backdrop to close so imaginative ending having the tireless Boss at their boots!!!


    First watch: 2019 / How many: 1 / Source: DVD-R / Rating: 7