• Warning: Spoilers
    I don't know where to start. Big disappointment. almost all the characters are female. I could say only 2 male(1 half human)!

    spoiler****** few plot holes; -what exactly happen to those aliens!? why they came in the first place? -lazy writing on how the girl goes to dark side. -what the hell cheetah was doing at the temple -if they left that beast only to protect that special temple, I would like to know what they were drinking while making that decision. I want the same! -they were bombing the door of the castle's door to go through. its an open air pace. why the heck dont fly over! -the African American female character was a lesbian!!! and, she was getting two amazonian for herself! I mean, why did you make us seen it. and, how would those beautiful girls would pick her over any amazonian! and, no people, they weren't hugging each other for friendship purpose. -in post credit she figured that out that doctor is the real enemy whom caused all the troubles(killing, destruction, almost killed ww) and she did let her go! ooooppsss, sorry I forgot. even left a sword! -why the heck batman didn't noticed all these while happening. -where the heck is the justice league! there is more but I dont have time for it. I m a huge dc fan but big disappointment.