• Warning: Spoilers
    There were some good moments of drama in this film, especially between the author and the politician's aide.

    However, this film was fatally blighted by lengthy and overly detailed discussions in which actors were employed to "bring to life" complex deliberations that ought to have been confined to written articles. The subject matter of these discussions, such as the consequences of the co-existence of e-readers and real books, is interesting. But, forcing such a volume of information into the mouths of characters in a film, for it to be, often soullessly, regurgitated, ultimately made this work unwieldy and, for me, unenjoyable.

    The actors did their best to bring the academic articles to life, but it was an impossible task.

    The trailer I saw - that encouraged me to watch this movie - suggested that it would be a frothy, perky comedy. However, this is not a snappy wise-cracking outing that makes you chuckle, but rather it is an exercise in leaden and unnatural verbosity that weighs down the actors and wore out this viewer.