• Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not sure why there has been negative reviews of this film. For myself, I thought it was not only quite capably acted but more than that, its shows what happens to those on the "losing side of history."

    Did Lida Baarova do anything fundamentally wrong in aligning herself with the Fascist cause in Nazi Germany? What would have happened if she had accepted contracts in the US like actress Marlene Dietrich (an obvious point of comparison)?

    How would history have viewed her if Germany had won the second world war? Of course its hypothetical but still though provoking and I think that's why this film is interesting.

    The story line follows along well and does touch on some of the worst aspects of Nazism such as the persecution of the Jews if only briefly. Perhaps a little too briefly.

    I felt too, there was a little subtle revisionism here. I doubt some of what the German actors and others said in this film would have really taken place in Nazi Germany. At the time, words were as dangerous to a person as actions. Suggesting, for example, Lida would do well to stay away from Joseph Goebbels, would to say the least, be career ending had it gotten back to him.

    Moreover, what Fascism represented was not really a new concept in Europe. Totalitarianism in one form or other had a long history in Europe as did mistreatment of minority groups for political gain Viewed from this perspective Baarova's actions can be understood, if not accepted when viewed through modern eyes. It's hard to convey such realities on the screen but its worth mentioning nonetheless.

    All in all, an interesting and thought provoking proposition, that looks at the history of cinema from a different perspective.

    6/10 from me.