• So, with Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, they decided to ignore the events of the 2009 animated film and give Wonder Woman a new origin while adding a new story. This movie actually fixes some problems I had in the 2009 film (like fixing Steve Trevor so he isn't a womanizer who doesn't make comments about the size of Hippolyta's breasts), and it makes Wonder Woman a lot closer to her DCEU counterpart (a strong female who is capable of fighting evil without anyone helping her). The story after the origin is five years later, Wonder Woman is visited by an old friend to help save her daughter Vanessa from going to jail after she steals an artifact that she plans to give to Doctor Poison, but the mother dies in a shootout while Wonder Woman is busy with Doctor Poison's enforcer, Giganta. Blaming the amazon for her mother's murder, she is recruited into Villainy Inc. as Silver Swan, with the mission to invade Themyscira.

    Yeah, story suffers from the typical "bad guy is born because hero failed to save parent" cliché, and some of the dialogue is cheesy, but it has some good action and the voice actors are okay in my book.