• Graham Greene the film critic would have made short work of this glossy yet drab trivia which serves as yet another stern warning to postwar audiences against the lure of easy money for audiences left back in London in the rain, and which provides the vicarious satisfaction of seeing our young newlyweds' escape to Monte Carlo with its looser morals in widescreen & colour strictly on the understanding that in reality Money Doesn't Bring You Happiness and it was all an unsustainable fantasy. One can somehow discern Greene's sardonic fatalism (and the vague talk of adultery) lurking in the background of all this; and how his original story became such an awful film was probably far more interesting than anything that actually ended up on the screen.

    This seems to be intended as least partially as a comedy, but the only really comical aspect of it is the unbelievable miscasting of Rossano Brazzi as a naive working stiff with a head for figures, who finds himself being given the eye by a feline young Shirley Anne Field as the Attractive Girl in Casino (as she is identified in the cast list at the end).