• Warning: Spoilers
    Incredible one sided piece of liberal propaganda. "We put up such an ugly fence." Why is it ugly? Because it goes against your views? And why are you saying this on camera while sitting in your fenced in backyard in your gated community that no one can access but you and other residents and their "approved" visitors? "This structure will have an impact on the local wildlife." What man made structure in the history of mankind does not have an impact on local wildlife? At one point in the film, the filmmakers make it a point to complain that a bike path was not put while traversing the wall for "bike path people" like them and how they actually had to walk at certain points, and use their hands to carry and wash their bikes off. Yeah why aren't we making the terrain near the wall more easier access and a more level ground. It's also incorrectly stated that we are at net zero illegal immigration when it comes to Mexican citizens illegally crossing but they back it up with zero facts or evidence. Just believe them because they know. It's a joke of a film and Laughable.