• Hat-check girl Marian Marsh (Rose) sets up her annoying boyfriend Norman Foster (Wally) with a job as a chauffeur for wealthy bank boss Reginald Denny (Judson). Foster is a whining simpleton who is impossible to relate to. Anyway, he gets the job but Denny also has designs on his girlfriend and she sort of encourages this a bit. She says "No" but stays behind with him, goes to parties with him - that sort of thing. Denny is also a crook who's been embezzling bank funds to keep up with his socialite lifestyle. This doesn't go unnoticed by his number two at the bank, Irving Pichel (Waters), who blackmails him. Uh-oh, a scheme is set which doesn't bode well for our simpleton chauffeur.

    The plot and storyline are ok but Norman Foster is terrible and single-handedly brings this film down at least a couple of marks. I've just watched him in Skyscraper Souls (1932) where he plays a similar character. You can't possibly like this idiot. It's a tough ask. The story ends in a very predictable manner but as long as Foster isn't on screen, the film isn't too bad.