• There is extensive data showing more than 90% of people claiming refugee status in Europe are NOT refugees, but economic migrants. People who work for resettlement agencies, even government run ones, and "refugee advocacy non profits (often funded by interests who want to keep labor costs down) coach the economic migrants in how to lie and claim refugee status. The German government ran a dentation study (which can establish chronological age by a year with certainty) and around 80% of those claim to be high school age were on average falsifying their age down by three years. With even 25 year olds claiming to be high school age minors.

    Being concerned with open borders, or viewing people who encourage or commit crimes of fraud and fraudulent illegal immigration as criminals, is not xenophobia.

    Knowing and critiquing northern European based groups, funded in part by low wage employers looking to depress wages even more, setting up scam refugee immigration en masse, is not nationalism or intolerance either. We know for a fact that there is a german group that is encouraging unseaworthy overloaded boats from Libya to go one kilometer from harbor in Libya, declaring a distress emergency, and then being picked up and transported to Italy by private "refugee advocate" boats. These "humanitarian groups" are actively encouraging this, and instead of bringing them one kilometer back to N. Africa, are bringing them hundreds of kilometers up to Italy.

    so enough wit the fake refugees please. Again the objective data shows virtually non are. The EU has DEMOCRAT institutions. Sure we all feel empathy, but we have democratically established migrant acceptance numbers. The EU has an agreement about quotas on economic migrants. don't like it? CHANGE THAT. Do not create a laughable falsehood and subvert the refugee laws.