• Warning: Spoilers
    As a child, the love received by little Donna never seemed to be enough. When her daddy left home, Donna blamed her mother and planned to kill her. But before she could realize her plan, the mother slipped on a floor and died. Now, as an adult, Donna is still searching for her lost daddy and will stop at nothing in removing all obstacles in her path of a desire male mate.

    Donna's kind Auntie Grace takes Donna in after she has moved away from her previous home. But unknown to Auntie Grace, Donna has just murdered a man with whom she was conducting an extramarital affair. He would not leave his wife, so Donna stabbed him and buried the body.

    Next on Donna's hit list is poor Auntie Grace, a savvy businesswoman, who runs a travel operation out of her home. Auntie Grace gets wise to her disturbed niece, and winds up a casualty after Donna pushes her down the stairs. Next up for Donna is Ashley, the assistant of Donna's neighbor William, who lives happily with his wife Jeannie and their lovely child Trish.

    William is head of the WGBC television station, and Ashley is his hard-working executive assistant. In Donna's master plan, she wants to take Ashley's place to get closer to William. She clocks Ashley with a tire iron and plants incriminating evidence that makes it appear that Ashley and William were having an affair.

    But Donna had not counted on the strength of William's marriage to Jeannie. Despite an indiscretion of five years ago, William and Jeannie have forged a bond that will be a formidable barrier to Donna's obsessive pursuit of William.

    The character of Donna was one of the creepiest appearing in the Lifetime film. There was little to find sympathetic about the morbidly fixated Donna. As a person, there were tips evident to the viewer but apparently not to the other characters that daddy's little girl needed the help she deserves.

    An early tip-off was when she brushed off the kind co-worker Chuck with the line "I'm taken." Donna was taken all the father figure who vanished from her life and left a void that could never be filled