• I thought Hank Hoffman's excellent Wicked Pictures drama "Insomnia" might be a fluke, given his long career as an unexceptional cameraman or Penthouse Video hack director, but "Camera Angle" is also stimulating Adult Cinema.

    It has a complicated plot line revolving around a porn film troupe, which includes fledgling screenwriters Casey Calvert and Jay Smooth. The film they're writing is called "Soiled", starring Ivy Lebelle and Marcus London, but "Camera Angle" mixes up the characters and the actors playing them in a clever amnesia-driven storyline.

    At first it's a bit confusing and surreal/dream-like, as London wakes up on the sidewalk with a concussion and a box of donuts, his memory only gradually returning as he confuses his acting role of Carl with his real persona as Peter.

    Peter is married to the movie's producer Ryan Keely, who we discover is carrying on an extramarital affair with the director played by Ryan McLane. Ivy at first seems to be a femme fatale, but that is merely her fictional character Jennifer- the real Ivy (named Eileen) turns out to be a good guy coming to London's aid.

    It's fun sorting out, and also highly erotic thanks to the performances of Keely and Lebelle. Ending is clever, and the trailer featured on the DVD actually provides a post-script to the story, not included in the main feature.