• Standard Quinn Martin series.

    Buddy has class, dignity, manners, and is polite, and that really is enjoyable to watch.

    Merriweather, is humble and a good supporting character.

    Shera is alright.

    I have watched the first five seasons, and besides the terrible DVD quality, every single episode, except a few, is about the same, and 95% are about murder:

    Crime happens.

    Jones visits with the person who hired him.

    Immediately, he knows who commited the crime and visits with her or him.

    They lie through their teeth.

    He investigates, and proves them wrong.

    Most times, he plugs the crook, but ALWAYS just wings them.

    This is like the Lone Ranger, always tried only to injure.

    Epilogue. Some little happy saying, then the credits.

    Betty, almost always acts like she can't figure out how Barnaby, deduced something, which makes him look better.

    Each season has about two excellent episodes.

    But the main reason to watch is for Ebsen.