• This is bad, really bad, really really bad. The perfect storm of bad acting, unbelievable characters, vulgarity, pointless raunchy nudity including full frontal (Sean Young needs to stay dressed), a topless middle aged woman running around her living room in riding pants pretending she is on a horse, weak ending, and stupid plot. Essentially, a guy (Patrick Bergin) who pretends to be a fashion photographer easily convinces 20+ women to take their pictures, mostly topless, then gets them to agree to a bedroom romp with him. Feeling humiliated, they go to the cops but it was all consenting adults so no sex crime. Tough as nails scrawny pistol packing Atlanta prosecutor (Sean Young) decides to get the guy and chases him around the state even though the only crime he committed was stealing the car of one of his unattractive victims. Why bother? She eventually goes to his house in some remote hillbilly slum in Georgia and ends up being his photo subject. of some fully nude pics He never attacks her or harms her yet she tries to kill him with a huge kitchen knife and her gun. Rattled by her persistence, he splits only to be caught. None of the characters are believable in their roles.