• The first half is about stuff you probably heard many times before when you are into the UFO phenomene like aliens in movies, politicians quotes, problems with travelling far distances, panspermia, fermi paradox, Roswell crash etc. Basically just topics you can find on tv every other evening.

    Witness reports that "believe it is connected to the spiritual worlds" are the backbone of the second half. The claim that these were "demonic entities" is mostly supported by witnesses who allegedly scared the fake aliens off by mentioning the name Jesus and pastors that quote the Bible. I would have assumed to include some references to the "trickster phenomene" but it was not addressed. Probably because it did not fit to the "Christian spin" the producers tried so hard to communicate. They also conveniently left out the fact, that Pope Francis has no problems with aliens and their existence.

    Overall and interesting premise that brought little for me to the table in 100 minutes runtime. Target audience seems to be Christians that only vaguely heard about UFOs and promotion to get them closer to the flock.