• This stop-motion-animated movie from 1993 that came from the crazed mind of Tim Burton is indeed a classic unto its own right. And it is one that should be watched just around the Christmas holidays.

    The story is pretty good, and it has an abundance of absurdity to it that just makes it so lovable and fun to watch. The story, shortly summarized, is about Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, whom has grown weary of the same routine year after year. He stumbled upon a doorway to Christmas Town, and comes to see things in a whole new light.

    Now, there is an abundance of singing and dancing, while it is still stop-motion-animation, here, so it might not be in just everyone's taste. But most of the songs quickly grow on you and some are downright catchy ear-hangers. Especially the theme song, now who can't claim to be able to sing along to that one?

    The characters in "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is an abundance of memorable characters, each with very unique and memorable features and traits. Which definitely helps putting character and flavor to the movie.

    The voice acting in the movie is good, and they have a good ensemble of talented performers to do the various roles and characters, such as Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, Glenn Shadix , Paul Reubens, Ken Page and Catherine O'Hara.

    The style of characters and sets/scenes is just fabulous. It is very much in the archetypical spirit that we know from Tim Burtons movies, with lots of dark, gritty colors, crooked things, outstanding and memorable things. It is hard to detail, but once you see it you know what I am talking about.

    Keep in mind that the theme and the majority of all scenes are dark and may contain elements that might be deemed scary or disturbing to very young viewers. But it is all in the spirit of Halloween, so it shouldn't really be a big deal.

    "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is a movie that finds its way to my media player once every year around December. And this year I introduced my 9 year old son to it. And he liked it too.

    My rating of this 1993 Burton classic is a seven out of ten stars.