• This movie has a cursory understanding of the story of Hamlet and replaces it was sexual power fantasy. It demonstrates no understanding of Ophelia the character of William Shakespeare or the importance of her role and function within the story. It means well in empowering women but provides no insight into the human condition. How one can be betrayed by someone they do not trust is as puzzling as someone being seduced by one they desire anyway. Ophelia's role as fool in the court is unappreciated or misunderstood. While I'd hoped for great things from Ophelia in her Act 4 scene 5, it was an attempt but a let down. The most punk scene of Shakespeare held little weight in the story, and it does Ophelia and Denmark a disservice. Apparently Ophelia's uterus is more important than truth to these storytellers.

    I enjoyed the dumbshow in the court. The choreographer deserves praise.

    I give it 1 out of 5 marysue Skywalkers. Audiences, particularly young women, deserve much better than this.