• I did not believe my eyes to see Ha in pigtail in a drama with a fancy name Chocolate. It is for years since I have been waiting for Ha to act in drama in par wirh Secret Garden and King2Hearts. Chocolate does not let me down.

    I have seen 3 episodes so far. Cannot keep myself waiting anxiously in front of the TV for the new episode.

    The writer is very aggressive to incorporate kitchen with a hospital. Both genre are my favourite. The writer tries his very best to make the story logical. I would say he has done a very good job.

    Choice of male leads is another amazing point. 3 handsome second leads, from Good Wife, Girl friend, Vagabond. They are to me, with great potential when I first saw them. The first male lead is not the type that that impresses you at first sight. But you will be in love with him as time goes by.

    Together with the great scenery in Greece, amazing shooting and beautiful soundtrack, this is simply a drama that could not be skipped.