• "Dark Waters" is without a doubt a touching and truth opening movie that shows a more than three decades legal struggle and fight against corporate greed and water and product pollution. Covering a time period from the late 80's to mid to late 2000's the film is timely and a long journey to show the affects of common people's lives. It involves Robert Bilott(in a fine turn from Mark Ruffalo) a Cincinnati, Ohio corporate defense attorney who after being contacted by a family member of his old hometown of Parkersburg, West Virginia to go check on strange problems that a local farmer is having it's like all of his cows are dying! Upon investigation and viewing of dead cattle parts and looking at the local water it's clear that pollution is the norm.

    One by one the locals become affected with various and deadly health problems like cancer and the drama that starts to unfold is tense as Robert chooses morality over loyalty and decides to defend the people in a lawsuit against the giant chemical company named "DuPont" as thru later research and reports and some sharp investigative work it's clear the chemical giant has a big history of pollution. Wow what about a big cover up as these crimes have crippled many ever day people. Most shocking was the discovery of the traces of the toxic chemical Teflon which started in many day to day household products only to now be present in most everyone's body.

    Along the way the drama and stress that unfolds takes a toll on Robert only his supporting love and need to live is found in family as his trophy wife Sarah Bilott(the sexy Anne Hathaway) is the strong and leading captain of the family ship. This movie was well done as it showed how dirty and corrupt that society can be as corporate greed and harmful corruption must be discovered and fought. Really "Dark Waters" is a very direct and truthful moral justice seeking film.