• Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) is running through time continuing to save the human race. Harris (Stephen Macht) who I guess is the lone chairman tells him that there is a time distortion in 2160, so back Deth goes to travel time to look into this. Of course there is a difficulty and Deth is thrown into some parallel universe that is like the middle ages. Thing is the land is ruled by vampire trancers. The main villain Caliban played by Clabe Hartley looks like a 90s wrestler to me.

    There are elements to the film that are good like as usual Tim Thomerson is still great as Jack Deth and funny moments like his watch malfunctioning. But, there are things that seem off putting or do not make it seem like a TRANCER movie. The setting while new to the series makes me feel like Jack Deth has just been transplanted into a Robin Hood movie. Ending sets up the next sequel. An alright try, but series beginning to lose its strength.