• Warning: Spoilers
    ...He wasn't but his identity kept you wondering throughout. Jack Watling became a household name with his continuous role through "The Plane Makers" and "The Power Game" but he had such a dry, witty look, I think he may have been quite at home in a Noel Coward play. Here he plays Jack Heath who seems completely lost in the events that enfold him. He and his wife Diane return home to find their place has been ransacked. Jack is "what in the heck just happened" but Diane goes to her bedroom and when she finds her jewels are still there hides them to get the insurance. The reality is she has already sold them in order to pay Maddox, a mysterious blackmailer no one has ever seen.

    Suzanne Lloyd was gorgeous as Diane, an ex model who at first seems to know more than anyone. At work Jack seems to be fighting an up hill battle as an executive of a company whose general manager (Finlay Currie) is described as "the last of the Victorians". Jack wants to bring things into the 20th century by liquidation the magazine department as it's losing money - he's also disappointed that during a heated meeting he doesn't get the support of his work friend.

    Adding to the confusion Heath gets a call later that night telling him Diane's uncle has been killed but when he rushes over there it is to find him very much alive. Of course that is the only way to put him in the place when the real murder happens later on that night. And here comes Bernard Lee as Chief Constable Meredith who after a heart to heart with Diane realises her actions are those of a scared black mail victim. In the meantime
    • who is Maddox and who is that mysterious man trailing her at the zoo -
    Who knows???