• Warning: Spoilers
    Eve Southern had a small but very pivotal role in the movie - she was the nasty chorus girl who wanted to make trouble for the innocent Midge so invited her home town visitor, bullying Elmer to Cherry's party knowing he would cause a scene. But those eyes of hers were wonders!! Midge has already encountered Jack Chalvey, a pathetic figure in the rain - he is under the spell of Cherry Blow and has lost all his money trying to keep her happy. Now Midge is just in time to keep him from suicide as he sees all the gaiety from Cherry's party!!

    Interesting thing - all the chorus girls look very hardened, especially Juanita Hansen whose career, so soon afterwards, was to end in tatters due to her drug addiction. She plays hard boiled Cherry who while initially taking the young Midge under her wing, eventually finds the other girl's goodness rubbing off onto her.

    As played by the even here masterful Lon Chaney, Elmer, far from a rustic comic, is a bullying small town hick who while shocked at Midge's low cut dress is not above ogling the other girls. The story becomes complicated when the party's playboy Rockwell overhears Cherry complimenting Midge on her sophisticated tactics and thinks she will be an easy conquest. He tries some cave man tactics on the cab ride home and is appalled when she jumps from the moving car!! While recuperating in hospital Midge brings about a change in the playboy and he strives to be all that would make him worthy in her eyes. She is still pining for Jack - even though he hasn't given her another thought. At a beach resort where Midge is sent to recuperate she runs into Jack and her flame still burns for him - but he isn't half the man Rockwell is!! While Rockwell decides to step aside so Midge can pursue Jack - Jack and Cherry, tired of "broadway love" have decided to elope and leave the city behind!! Meanwhile Elmer is back in the picture - he has married Rockwell's sister and his gross behaviour at the beach ends in a fight, with Rockwell taking his sister and Midge (who finally realises he is her ideal) back to Arizona!!

    This was Juanita Hansen's first feature after serving her apprenticeship in shorts but after only a couple of years in some solid roles she was in the grip of addiction that she couldn't break free from. William Stowell who played Rockwell died in 1919 when he was critically injured in a train crash en route to Cape Town. Dorothy Phillips was grand as the innocent Midge even though at 36 she was hardly an ingenue. She and her husband where mainstays of the Universal studios.