• Great, great, great series!! It's neither too long nor too short! The right measure ... And this is how long the series should last. 16 hours of the series is enough to tell everything and not to make a story with the senseless plot twists that follow one another like on a factory lane. The ending of the series is so beautifully done, the music is too good and reminds me of some French films from the 70's ... Generally, the series is different from the classic Turkish soap operas because we see elements of European cinematography.

    Finally a Turkish series in which everything is finally arranged properly; good triumphs, evil perishes. Although I had some complaints after the first episode, everything has been fixed because the later developments in the series are brilliantly designed... Everyone paid their debt, which in the end is fair. The actors are great, the lead actresses are wonderful... Thank you for this series. 10/10!