• I like Lifetime movies so, so, much. Jenna Kanell is one of my cult favorite actresses so I was happily surprised to see her working the cafe and playing the best friend. I wish she was listed in the synopsis; even on here. The acting was good. I really disliked the direction and director choices on this movie- then I saw it was a male director and it made sense why the first love scene kinda made me squirm. I totally felt the made-by-a-bruh-for-bruh's. Not at all the demographic of this genre. Being that I really adore great Lifetime movies, I expect and welcome some camp and spoon-fed, obvious plot-twists. When done right it's charming and enjoyable. But less than one minute into the opening of the movie the ridiculous continuity problems ie a dead body facing straight up in one shot, and with it's head cocked extremely to the right in the following shot, symbolic red paint drips onto what looks like concrete then immediately to a white tarp... come on director dude. The one thing a good Lifetime movie has is respect for it's style. I work in this business. I'm positive the editor/s wanted to fix the foibles and just insulting continuity problems but the director, who is responsible for this, just locked edit and sent this as finished. This director doesn't understand the cult genre and seems to assume he can just be sloppy and throw in such poor direction as well.

    The acting was great though. Kudos to the actors. I feel for you all, having to take such bad direction. Now I understand why Jenna Kanell doesn't have her name in the billing. It was probably her choice.