• As I was looking through the comments of this fantastic film I came across a comment which stated "Mr. Long" as being "John Wick" if directed by Kore-eda, to which I couldn't agree more! but then I realized this wasn't being stated as a complement, but it should, because it's exactly what this is in the best possible way.

    I was hooked from the moment I read the synopsys, a trained assassin ready to leave his life behind and start over after a job gone wrong, but this was SO much more than I could ever expect, when this film needs to be ruthless it is without a shed of mercy, but when it needs to be tender, it is with all it's kindness, this is above all else a study on human emotion, whether it's rage or compassion, it's done with so many care you can't help but feel deeply connected to every single character, and you can feel that everyone envolved is giving everything they have.

    The acting is suberb, for a film with minimal dialogue the acting team does a wonderful job at delivering every string of emotion to the screen, Mr. Long himself who doesn't speak a word of japanese spends most of the film completly mute and serious but you can still feel everything he's feeling, giving special props to the ending that gave these intense goosebumps.

    Usually I don't like writing reviews for films liked as much as I did this one because I don't feel I can do them justice, or I can say anything that hasn't been said already, but I can't help but write one for "Mr. Long" because I feel it doesn't get enough praise as it should, it's a project filled with dedication and love, the director obviously thought about even the tiny details, small things you might not get at first but will definitly hit you days after you've seen this because trust me it's a film you will be thinking about days, if not weeks down the road, it doesn't go without it's flaws obviously, but it's damned worth it, if you're in the fence about watching this don't be, you will not waste your time!