• Warning: Spoilers
    Fighting scenes are excellent. Choreography is great, though Donnie Yen gets old and a few more cuts are needed. Not as bad as Liam Neeson though. Edit those clips into a sequence and you will have yourself some good 30 minutes.

    The rest is politics and the bad kind. By trying to show how racist everyone was towards the Chinese, the movie itself becomes racist and very nationalistic.

    Chinese like so many other immigrants were discriminated in the US , no doubt about it. But why shoving it down our throat in 2020 in such a one-dimensional and biased way? It is a very bad example of Chinese propaganda. USA bad, karate bad, cheerleading bad, white people bad, US marines bad.. .

    The fact that every Chinese speaks mandarin in that movie tells it all. Most immigrants moved to San Francisco in the 50s and 60s were from HK and spoke Cantonese. Especially the scene when Ip man met all the masters in SF is ridiculous.

    I come from a country which had provided villains in movies for over 80 years now ;-). But it is handled with irony and awareness on both sides - movie maker and audience. If a western country would make a movie like IP man 4 it would be destroyed in the media for racism and prejudice.

    It is sad to see Donnie Yen sell out that way. Guess the overwhelming power and reach of the Chinese propaganda machine has the movie industry and its actors, even the few left from HK and Taiwan, in a firm grip.

    Oh yes, and the sad and over the top attempt to copy full metal jacket in the scenes with the marines is pathetic.

    Very dissapointed. Big fan of Ip man 1, part 2 was all right. It went downhill from then on.