• Warning: Spoilers
    About 6.5 for me, round it up to 7.

    First off. This isn't really an action film. The whole action sequence probably only lasted for like 5 to 10 minutes. So if you are in solely for the bloodshed, combat and violence then you would probably find this film to be long and boring.

    This movie takes its time to develop its characters, especially the protagonist. It is a story that shows the human side of an otherwise professional assassin.

    There are a few aspects of this movie that could have been improved on. A few of the scenes dragged on for too long, mainly the starting scene with the bunch of guys talking and the 'acting competition?'. The other issue was the soundtrack which I felt was a bit off during the chase and during some of the combat scenes. A smaller issue was that the ending felt rushed but I had no complaints there as the bulk of the movie was invested in character connections.

    It is a heart wrenching and heart warming movie at the same time. Definitely not just your typical action flick. Would have been closer to a masterpiece if there was an even heavier focus on protagonist's personal growth on top of his daily casual interactions with the locals, but that's probably asking too much.

    Some compare this to John Wick but to me, while their motives may be somewhat similar, John Wick focuses more on the action side of things while Mr.Long on the character itself. As such, I found that this movie offers more depth compared to John Wick.

    Definitely worth a watch and deserves more recognition.