• So, The Will is one of my favorite books by Kristen Ashley. Dangerous to watch a movie based on any book, but ESPECIALLY a favorite. They'll never get it exactly right! (The one exception to this, in my experience, was The Pelican Brief by John Grisham.) So, when I watch a movie based off a book I've read, I try to go into it looking at the movie as its own version of the same story. It truly helps!

    Now, with that background - they did a decent job w/ this adaptation! Location & costuming were EXCELLENT. I absolutely loved how Josie's wardrobe changed throughout the movie as she dropped her shields & became comfortable finding the real her. I liked most of the actors, tho there were a couple roles that didn't quite "fit" for me. My issue was more w/ the way these characters were cast/directed/edited than with the actors themselves, because I felt like they all did an excellent job. There were a couple scenes that I thought would be a bit confusing if you hadn't read the book, but mostly everything came together nicely.

    Overall, I enjoyed the movie, will likely watch it again, and will definitely be doing another reread of the book here soon! It made me want to dive back into the details of Josie & Jake's story. : )