• Warning: Spoilers
    Hypocritical film, like a bureaucracy in Europe or Greta Thunberg. Suddenly phone nerd turns into Greta, sorry, with 'balls'. Love at first sight of geese causes him to change his perspective on life, He is without any skills become a top-class pilot, flies across the sea through a storm, does dangerous tricks, he is become survivorman, like Bear Grylls or Less Stroud in an instant. Nobody cares, except parents, that the pilot is a 14 year old child, that this boy is stealing, that his father had forged documents and violated the laws of several countries, but it is not a problem, because Geese - Above all. This movie is the quintessence of lies, hypocrisy, betrayal and venality of the Europe, because it is good to live in a well-fed Europe and think about geese and spit on the problems of others, for example, the war in Ukraine or Syria, the problems in Hong Kong ... If you like Greta Thunberg watch this movie.